"That's all she talks about," says Jan Laue, president of the Iowa Alliance for Retired Americans. She was referring to GOP U-S Senate candidate Joni Ernst and privatizing Social Security and Medicare.

Laue and other seniors gathered at a press conference in Des Moines to denounce Ernst for remarks that she made which the Braley campaign says are "risky proposals that would end guaranteed benefits for Iowa seniors."

When pressed about Ernst's statements, Laue admitted that the GOP state senator hasn't proposed the privatization of senior programs, but has told audiences that the idea is "an option" to discuss for younger Americans, while keeping the current system in place for seniors and those retiring soon.

Laue's organization has endorsed Braley in the US Senate race.  She says the Democrat "will protect Social Security and Medicare."  

She also attacked Ernst's support for Republican Rep. Paul Ryan's budget plan to move from the current Medicare system to a plan where the federal government would give seniors a voucher to buy their own health insurance on the private market.  She says "there's no guarantee" that Congress would continue to fund the vouchers, while Medicare is locked in place.

Here's the audio of the full news conference in Des Moines 9-3-14: