Some Iowa Department of Transportation staff are the first in the country to test having their drivers license as an app on their smartphone.

The Iowa DOT is engaging in a pilot test of the MobileDL application by Morpho Trust of the application, and is presenting information about the test this week at the meeting of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators in Des Moines.

The app presents a digital rendition of the front and back of the Iowa Drivers License (as seen above in the depiction of Iowa DOT Director Paul Trombino's license).  

Since it's "live" it can update on the fly; in the video below, a DOT staffer posed as a 20 year old whose birthday was the next day.  When she "turned 21" in the trial, her digital license automatically changed from the vertical under 21 license to the over 21 horizontal license without a trip to the Iowa DOT drivers license station. Other changes, like license status, also are changed as they change in the Iowa DOT system.

Here's the manufaturer, Morpho Trust, depiction of the mDL test program, which they say is the first in the nation:  Click here for the video