An audit is being requested into the arrangement that allowed a state employee to remain on the payroll, even after his job was eliminated.

Democratic State Senator Liz Mathis of Cedar Rapids is asking the state auditor to conduct a review of the arrangement Secretary of State Matt Schultz created for Jim Gibbons.

His job was eliminated in 2012 but he continued to receive his $126,000 a year salary for seven months.

Mathis says the review should include what duties Gibbons performed during that time, his work hours and the employees he supervised.

Iowa State Auditor Mary Mosiman was also a deputy in Schultz' office at the time and has said she won't particpate in any review if one is launched because of a possible conflict of interest.

Senator Mathis is asking for a response to her request by the end of May.

Secretary Schultz has defended the arrangement arguing Gibbons expertise was needed as several projects were being pursued during the period