You might say that David beat Goliath at the Iowa GOP 3rd district nominating convention Saturday at Urbandale High School.

David Young began the day with the third lowest vote total on the first ballot, only ahead of bottom tier candidates Joe Grandanette and Robert Cramer.  But when Grandanette was dropped in the 3rd ballot and Cramer withdrew his name from the race, things started to pick up.

Young went from just under 16 percent on the 2nd ballot to just over 20 percent on third ballot. Before the convention's fourth vote, the just-eliminated candidate, Matt Schultz, took the stage using some of Young's time to urge his supporters to vote for David Young.

It worked. Young climbed to 34 percent of the vote, with the man who had been the top vote-getter in the primary, Brad Zaun at 41 percent and Monte Shaw at 24 percent.

Young quickly went to work to touch base with all the people from the rural districts wearing the yellow Shaw T-shirts and to shore up support from all the delegates in Polk County, many of whom had refused to vote in previous ballots.

Thanks to getting most of the Monte Shaw vote, and being given exactly half of Polk County's delegates, the final battle against the "Goliath", Brad Zaun, ended with Young receiving just under 56 percent of the vote to Zaun's 41 percent.

Some delegates say the vote came because four years ago, Zaun said he did "nothing" to help the renewable fuels industry-a cash crop for Iowa farmers. Few rural votes had gone to Zaun in the previous ballots, with Zaun having his strength in sizable votes in Polk and Pottawattamie counties.

But delegates in both of those counties picked the political newcomer, Young, as the new challenger to Democrat Staci Appel in the fall election.

Young promised the delegates he would work hard with the GOP fall slate of candidates, teasing that he would team up with Joni Ernst to put out new yard signs saying "Ernst and Young-the accountability team"- a play on the accounting firm of the same name.

After it all was over, David Young said he needed "a cold shower" and wanted to spend time with his family and go "watch a movie"-something he's been unable to do while on the campaign trail.

Here's David Young's "acceptance speech" at the GOP 3rd district nominating convention: