(NEWSER– How is it that just a couple inches of snowmanaged to cripple AtlantaCNN calls it "a perfect storm—pun intended—of factors."

  • Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal called Tuesday's storm, which left commuters stranded on gridlocked highways and forced students to spend the night at schools, "unexpected," saying forecasts had predicted the worst conditions would be south of the city. But a CNN meteorologist disputes that idea and says Atlanta was warned; he himself predicted up to 2 inches of snow, and 2.3 inches fell. Numerous reports indicate the city had been warned of the coming weather by Monday, and other Southern states took more precautions. EvenAl Roker has taken Atlanta to task over the "gamble" it took. And Deal admitted he didn't want to be "accused of crying wolf" and wasting millions of dollars, the APreports.
  • Once the snow started falling, according to Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, part of the problem was that businesses and schools released workers and students at the same time, leading to the gridlocked roads. "If I had my druthers, we would

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