During WHO's 50th Anniversary in 1974, it aired much of the programs of the previous five decades.  On this, the 85th Anniversary's online-only broadcast, Wartburg College will transmit an hour-by-hour retracking of the entire 1974 brodcast day beginning at midnight.


Radio Station WHO officially signed on April 11, 1924 by Bankers Life, an insurance company now known as the Principal Financial Group.

On April 26, 1974, Radio Station WHO aired its Golden Anniversary Special, an assemblage of 50 years of past broadcasts, which included news, music, sports and political programming.  Then Governor Ronald Reagan, who had worked for WOC and WHO in the mid 30s, was in town for the celebration and was a featured guest at an event at Hotel Fort Des Moines, in which the mayor presented him with the keys to the city.

There is conflicting information about the date of that first official broadcast.  Brief histories have been written throughout the years, which were occasionally updated to reflect recent events of the day, and these generally state that the official launch was April 11, 1924.  However, the 50th Anniversary special aired on April 26, 1974 and stated its birthday on that date (1924).

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