The sexual abuse trial of a Des Moines religious leader continued Wednesday at the Polk County Courthouse.

Nermin Spahic, 41, an Imam at the Des Moines Cultural Center Bosniak, is accused of one count of 3rd Degree Sexual Abuse, and two counts of Sexual Exploitation by a Councelor, Religious Leader, or Therapist, stemming from an incident at a Johnston apartment last August.  The assault involved a mother, and her 18-year old daughter, who claim they were inappropriately touched during a religious ritual.

The mother took the stand Wednesday to say through an interpreter, she didn't understand the process very well, but agreed to have Spahic come to her home, after intially meeting at the mosque.  She said Spahic suggested her depressed daughter needed a special oil ritual, which could not be performed at the mosque.

Once at the apartment, Spahic told the younger woman to lie down on a bed in her bra and underwear, so he could rub her with oil.  After he came out of the bedroom, where he was alone with the girl, he told the mother, she too had negative energy and need to be rubbed down with oil.  The mother was startled by police in her apartment a short time later, which apparently were called by her daughter, who left the apartment after she says the assault occurred.

Spahic was washing his hands when officers from the Johnston Police Department arrived.