A southern Iowa mayor says if Osceola can raise 250-thousand dollars for a new recreation center,  by the end of the summer, he'll run from Iowa's northern border with Minnesota to the southern border with Missouri, a distance of 225 miles.

Osceola mayor Thomas Kedley says  it's personal.  He weighed over 300-pounds when he was a teen, but changed his diet and started running.   

The 29-year old husband and new father now runs daily, and wants to promote healthy living, in Osceola- by building a rec center that everyone can use.  

Currently residents of the Clarke County seat must share time and space with the middle school, high school, and their sports teams. 

Kedley and his wife Becca and other leaders set up Operation Recreation, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for the center.   

The goal is to break ground, as soon as 2018.

Organizers are also competing a USA Today Community Thrives $100,000 grant.  

Click HERE to vote for Osceola.  

Voting continues until May 12th, and people can vote each day.

For more details about Operation Recreation, contact Osceola City Hall, 641-342-2377.