morels 1

It's been a pretty good morel mushroom season, and apparently it's not over yet.   Alan Foster of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources says the conditions have been very good.

He says the soil temperature, the moisture, and the right amount of sunshine are making for a bountiful morel season, that may last longer than normal.  

He tells WHO-Radio News right now hunters are still finding the grays and the yellow morels, some up to five inches tall.   

The larger varieties, known as "Big Foots" will emerge toward the end of morel season.  They can grow up to 12-inches tall and as thick as a pop can.  Foster says southern Iowa might see some of those in a week or two.

Foster says there are basically two most common ways to prepare morels:

1) soak  them in an egg wash, cover them with crushed cracker crumbs, then fry in butter.

2)  simply fry them in butter with no coating.

morels 2