Are you considering a new career or enhancing your skills through an apprenticeship? 

Kerry Koonce of Iowa Workforce says it's a great way to earn while you learn.

New analysis shows that workers trained in registered apprecticeship programs earn wages, in most cases, significantly higher than workers in the same occupation who earn only a high school diploma or use other types of one or two-year programs.

Iowa Workforce Development, who did the report, said the governor has proposed tripling the amount of state funding allocated for apprenticeships under the existing worker training program. 

The idea is a proven winner, but right now, it's not state funded.

With companies expanding and skilled job openings around the state, demand for a well-trained workforce continues to increase. 

Registered apprenticeships a viable and effective approach to meet the demand.

In most cases, they find workers trained in these programs earn significantly higher wages than those with only a high school education and no certification.

The report shows what's been known for years -  apprenticeships work!