This week's links:

  • The homegrown Chinese versions of Twitter and Google are both headed for IPOs in the United States. Companies rarely go for IPOs unless they think they're at the moment of peak prospects. You go to market when you think you're going to get the highest possible price, not the worst. I think this signals that the white-hot Chinese economy may not be so white-hot anymore.
  • Please vaccinate your children. Anti-vaccination celebrities can be idiots, and there's a measles outbreak in New York City because of their mindset. There are plenty of government interventions to oppose, but vaccination isn't about government overreach -- it's about a totally legitimate and essential protection for all of us against Mother Nature's efforts to kill us.
  • California is taking an early step towards regulations for driverless cars. The private sector is moving technology so fast that it's outpacing the political sector. The public sector needs to catch up, fast.

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