It's an echo of the movie "Minority Report" -- a neuroscientist studying brain structures discovered that he's wired to be a psychopath. In the next 5 to 15 years, many of us will find out things about ourselves -- our genomes, possibly our brains, and maybe much more -- and it's going to force some very serious reassessments of what we control, what we're responsible for doing, and what we want to know about what's programmed into our very bodies.

Does China's contribution to typhoon relief in the Philippines tell us what a world with a Chinese superpower would look like? Chinese support can be found quickly when there's something to be gained (like access to carmaking skills), but perhaps not so much when there's less to be obviously gained.

And, yes, it's good news that the Treasury Department is almost done with owning shares of GM stock. But the ends don't justify the means. The government's intervention in the automakers is nothing to be happy about.

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