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Iowa Aboretum

Upcoming Events, including Second Saturday Morning: Designing with Perennials, 2/9/2013

2013-2-2: Iowa Prairie Network Region 5 Annual Meeting   

Our annual Winter Meeting will be Feb. 2, DMACC Ankeny Building 7. This year our silent auction beneficiary will be two State Preserves - Rolling Thunder and Marietta Sand Prairie. Auction proceeds will pay for development of management plans for these two preserves, and also fund some on-site work days by the Conservation Corps. We hope to do more of this kind of partnership with the Iowa DNR State Preserves, this is our trial run. The main presentation day will be a sort of "top 10 prairie questions" we hear from folks getting started with prairies, with follow-up displays on such topics as creating a seed mix, dealing with invasive species, evaluating a developing prairie stand etc. There will also be a tribute/review of the work done by the Living Roadway Trust Fund, and the usual room full of conservation displays by artists and organizations. Join us! Doors open at 11, presentation starts at Noon.

California Plant Pathology

Art McCain, UC Agriculture & Natural Resources

History of the Plant Pathology Department, University of California, Berkeley, 1903-1991; Milton R. Schroth & Albert R. Weinhold; 2011

Beneficial Bacteria Enhance Plant Growth, Suslow et al, California Agriculture, November-December 1979

Compass Plant

Girard Nursery

Totally Tomatoes

Seed Savers Exchange

Arrowood Alpines "Funny Pictures"

Farmstead Windbreaks: Planning, PM-1716

Windbreaks for Iowa

Boxwood "Chicagoland Green"

Saunders Brothers re: Boxwood Blight