Sometimes April Showers bring flowers in April too!

Danford Iris (Iris danfordiae) blooming in Aaron's yard today!

This Week at Reiman Gardens

Many great classes coming up!

Container Gardening Workshop - Thursday, May 15, 2014, 9 AM - Create your own to take home!

Food Photography - Wednesday, May 7, 2014, 6 PM - Learn to snap photos of those great things you make from your garden.

Paper-making Class - Thursday, May 29, 2014, 6 PM - Create your own paper for nature journal writing.

Care for Easter Lily

Many gardeners acquire an Easter lily this time of year.  They can be placed outside.  While not reliably hardy in Iowa, a protected spot planted about 6 inches deep once the danger of frost has past will get you beautiful trumpet shaped blooms each summer. 

Learn more specifics on the care and planting of Easter lilies here.  Its a little old, but still applies!

A fun spring project - grass indoors!

I do this as a short temporary thing - it feels very Martha Stewart!

Simply fill a container with potting soil and spread grass seed, lightly cover with soil, and keep watered.  The secrets to making this work.....

- Remember its not permanent!  You can enjoy it for a couple of weeks

- Use the cheap stuff!  Grass seed mixes high in cheap seed, particularly annual rye, will germinate quickly and work well for this purpose.

- Give them LOTS of light.  I started mine alongside my seedlings under lights.  Once they were full and nice, I moved them to their "display location"

- Trim when needed.  I just use a scissors.

Have fun and enjoy the spring!


Planting Trees and Shrubs

Early spring is a great time to plant trees and shrubs.  Here are some resources to help out!

Planting Bare-Root Trees

Transplanting Trees on your own (not plants from a nursery, from one spot in your yard to another)

Planting Balled & Burlapped Plants - Just be sure to find the root flare - they are often buried in the root ball!

Planting Containerized nursery stock is very straight-forward.  Dig a hole the same depth as the soil in the container and a little wider.  Place the plant in at the same level as it was in the container, back fill soil and water!  Just don't bury too deep - this is the easiest mistake.

Seed Preservation!

Interested in seed preservation and production?  This new program started by Joe Simcox will give you an opportunity to do just that.  Jessica is participating this year.  Click here to learn more about this new project.

Just a few heirloom squash varieties that you could grow as part of this program (and Joe next to it)


Its Palm Sunday - Here are some Palms that may grow in your garden (but probably not!)

The Hardiest know variety of palm is the Windmill Plam (Trachycarpus fortunei)

Here is a list of "hardy" palms - remember its all relative!