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2014-6-1: Use common plants in less common ways

Posted June 1st, 2014 @ 8:23am

Use Peonies as a hedge rather than single plants. (10 years+) Use peony rings to support the plants if they have heavy double blossoms. It's very easy to divide and replant them in early Fall. Peony rings as shown work well for many taller plants, including tall grasses, which otherwise flop.

Peony grids vs rings



Sedum "Autumn Joy" becomes a beautiful low hedge in the fall. (20 years+) This is two rows of plants staggered about 1 foot apart.


Hardy miniature roses do very well with their roots inserted into gaps in boulder walls. (This rose has been in this spot for over 10 years.)


They may look scraggly just now, but those are "Nodding Onion" (Allium cernuum) which will look like small fireworks in about a month....


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