It is hard to imagine the emotions of Lou and Linda Pelletier along with the rest of their family today, as they are FINALLY reunited with their long suffering daughter, Justina. 16 months ago the Big Government of Massachusetts decided that the hospital treating her in Connecticut was wrong about her physical disease and that she had a psychological problem. And so they took this young teenager from her parents. 

This is the United States. You would think this kind of thing simply could not happen, but it did. And it could happen to you too! Just a few days ago we heard of a New jersey boy who apparently twirled a pencil in class and pretended it was a gun. If his parents don't get him to a psychiatrist, new Jersey has stated it will terminate their parental rights and put him up for adoption. 
There are links to both stories below.
You should read them and understand what is happening in our still great Nation.
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