LANGUAGE WARNING!! THERE IS PROFANITY IN THIS VIDEO... FROM CANADA! The local Calgary reporter - Erika M. Stark - declined to cover the chants of "Heil Hitler" aimed directly at Jewish people. Instead she wrote this: "They're shouting things I shouldn't tweet." 

The New York Times reports that anti Jewish attacks are on the rise: "BERLIN — Across Europe, the conflict in Gaza is generating a broader backlash against Jews, as threats, hate speech and even violent attacks proliferate in several countries.

Most surprising perhaps, a wave of incidents has washed over Germany, where atonement for the Holocaust and other Nazi crimes is a bedrock of the modern society. A commitment to the right of Israel to exist is ironclad. Plaques and memorials across the country exhort, “Never Again.” Children are taught starting in elementary school that their country’s Nazi history must never be repeated. Even so, academics say the recent episodes may reflect a rising climate of anti-Semitism that they had observed before the strife over Gaza.


In Belgium, a Doctor refused to treat a jewish woman with fractured ribs. You can read that story in the Jerusalem Post

And here in Iowa, a good friend of mine has told me that my family and I will always have a safe place to stay - with him. The words "NEVER AGAIN" seem a little hollow right now.