The Federal Government on Friday asked for bids of prototype walls for the U.S.-Mexico border which must be ready to go within three months. The Government published two official requests for contractors to propose different types of  prototype segments of a border wall.

One will be exclusively for "reinforced solid concrete" prototypes, while the second for "other" materials is more vague and does not specify the type of materials that can be used in the design.

Other requirements include:

• A "physically imposing" height of no less than 18 feet but preferably 30 feet tall.

• Anti-climbing mechanisms, either by ladder or other tools like hooks that humans may be able to get across.

• Prevent tunneling 6 feet below ground.

• For breaches to the wall (using building or cutting tools, or torches) to take at least one hour in concrete designs, and 30 minutes in the "other" designs.

• Accommodate surface draining, a particularly sensitive issue in the uneven, Arizona desert that can easily flood with heavy rains.

• Be able to accommodate "pedestrian and automated mechanized vehicle sliding gates."

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