This really is some quite remarkable video in so many ways - and it took place right in Des Moines - Center Street to be exact.

During storms last week, a tree limb came down on this road and eventually the City sent out a crew. Lots of people! The crew included not one, but TWO dump trucks - you would assume for the debris, right? Well no - not right.

More on that in a moment. The crew also felt the need for police protection. I'm not sure what they thought this senior citizen was going to do, but the City of Des Moines duly dispatched two cruisers and four cops to watch proceedings.

As you can see - this crew was very thorough. Sweeping and clearing this fallen limb. Lifting debris into the air and then they had two choices! Put it into the bed of the dump trucks, or dump it onto the Private Citizen's front lawn. They chose the latter.

Our tax Dollars at work! Here's a question. As the dump trucks were not needed, why did the city spend gas and wages on sending two of them to the scene? There are many other questions as well.

As I post this I still have had no official response from Des Moines.