I love this story - not least because my dad used to play the trombone! So how about it farmers - what's the weirdest way you call your cattle in?

He posted the following on his Facebook.

"Yesterday morning I went out to film myself calling in cattle with my trombone. I've been going out there the past week to "cube" the cattle. We feed them a treat so it is easier to gather them when we round them up later this week. For fun I played my trombone to help call the cattle in from long distance. 
Yesterday morning was so beautiful. I left very early in the morning. There is something wonderful about playing a trombone in the middle of a prairie to 380 heifers. I must say I had no idea that the video would be such a hit.
Today I was contacted by CNN, GMA, Fuji TV in Japan, the Today Show, and much more. I know for sure that it will be played on the Today show in the morning.
I am happy to share with the world the beauty of the Kansas Flint Hills."