It really does amaze me sometimes.... the lengths to which some in the Liberal media will go to knock anything that might be ever so slightly patriotic.

And so quite why I was shocked to see USA Today's reporting of "Lone Survivor's" box office success this weekend, I can't really explain. And yet I was.

Our national heroes should not be part of any partisan discussion. These men and women write a blank to the United States offering up everything, including their lives, for our freedom.

Who could be against that? It is geninely remarkable.

I have yet to see the movie as I write this, but I have read the book. I couldn't put it down. I read a lot and this book is in my all-time top ten. The "Lone Survivor" himself, Marcus Luttrell, was heavily involved in the making of the movie and is pleased with the result.

The marketing has been highly professional and the success has been phenomenal and includes movie theatres cancelling other movies so they could show it on multiple screens at the same time. 

It's the country's number one movie and so USA Today reported that fact.... like this

"Hercules was no match for Navy SEALs as Lone Survivor powered to a surprisingly lopsided win at the box office this weekend."... Got that? It was "surprising" that this movie resonated with the people to the extent of making it the Number One. 

But USA Today wasn't done yet. "Despite an R rating and a story based on a failed 2005 mission...." A FAILED mission? Failed because these incredibly brave men didn’t get their target? 

As I said... incredible.

Lone Survivor grossed $38,511,000 in this first weekend, beating #2 Frozen by some $23,441,000 despite being on in 364 fewer screens.