By Duane Brandt 

We had all gone to Grego’s sitting out in the shop.

Telling some lies and having a cold barley pop.

It was really amazing how quickly the crowd gathered.

When out in the yard there was a heck of a clatter.

The door was thrown open by a bearded old man in a smoking red suit.

We all looked at him because he was pretty good sized.

Uncle Du said,  “Oh good, I thought it was the wives!”

He was muddy and tattered, his looks were alarming.

He started giving toys away, saying “I can’t lose this much farming.”

“It must be global warming that is happening tonight,

Rudolf quit because it’s too hot and the deer flies are starting to bite.”

“The roofs are all dry, but the lawns are all muddy.”

“I know this for a fact, since I have been stuck in a few.”

“I am in a pretty bad fix and I need the Brandt crew.”

He mentioned that during the summer in June

He would dial in WHO radio right about noon.

They talk about farming weather and grain.

Old guys with old tractors who drive around in the rain.

They have mentioned your Ollies, and how you have quite a slew.

“Get them started right up I need to borrow a few!”

So Santa went to the back of the shed to see what we had.

He saw the Old Hippies red high crop and said, “That’s pretty rad,

Those old “IHs” are not too bad!!”

Then he saw the red Ollies.

“Hook’em up put those in the lead.”

“When Rudolf takes off driving that pair

They should really light up the air.”

We told Santa we had a “70” but it was way down in Texas.

He said, “Let Paco drive it, even I am not that reckless!”  

So we hooked up three beauties,

Some three digits too and since we had plenty more,

A few of the newer ones with digits of four.

Santa looked over what was pulling his ride,

And told us we did a great job of showing off our pride.

Then he said, “You should be ashamed of yourselves,

Cause Santa ain’t worth a hoot without any elves.”

“Don’t worry.” I told Santa, “You can pick them up on the way.”

So he flew directly to Gene’s house and put a couple of “55’s”in the sleigh.

Santa got a hold of me later,

Said it was nip and tuck for a while.

He’d been in places when he wished he had the Old Versatile.

I know this is a story that is hard to believe,

     But that was the night the Brandt Brothers saved Christmas eve