• Microsoft is still making a ton of money -- $6 billion in the last quarter -- even if they're not doing anything sexy. Virtually every business must pass through Microsoft in order to make money. And so, even if Windows 8 and the Windows Phone still don't light people's hearts on fire, don't be surprised when Microsoft is still around long after some other high-profile names in technology flame out.

  • "Wired" reported this week that Apple keeps records of questions posed to Siri for two years after they're asked. You as a consumer really should be informed about who keeps data on you and why and how and for how long, in a manner as easily understood as the nutrition label on a box of cereal.

  • Apple is having a really tough time in China right now. The company is facing government pressure over supposed "obscenity" being spread through access to the App Store. The question for any tech company right now is how much is it worth to go through the huge growing pains as China expands its economy without expanding personal freedoms?

  • Google says they're launching Google Fiber in Provo, Utah, and Austin, Texas. In Provo, they're going to take over an existing network and build on it. In Austin, they're hoping to tap into the city's "cool" factor. In both places, they'll offer free Internet at 5 Mbps (not bad, but not outstanding by broadband standards), and higher speeds for people who pay up.

  • Dish Network offered this week to buy Sprint for $25.5 billion. Convergence of voice and video and data products may be the future, but this merger proposal smells like trouble.

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