It was sad to cover the fire that destroyed the old downtown Younkers Building this weekend, but I do hope that you'll take away some lessons from the event that we talked about on the air this weekend:

  • Make sure you have an offsite, offline backup of your critical work and personal files. You never know when a catastrophe will strike.
  • If you're taking pictures at night, make sure your lens is clean so you don't get starbursts around every light. And if you choose to upload your photos to a website, make sure you know what rights you keep and which you're giving away.
  • Make sure you use a consistent, thought-out strategy for naming your digital photos so that you can search them quickly and easily. I recommend a directory structure based on [yyyy]/[mm]/[dd], and an individual filename convention based on [state]-[city]-[detailed location]-[keywords or subject names].
  • Make sure every organization to which you belong (company, non-profit, social group, club, church, whatever) has some kind of account on Facebook, Twitter, or some other mainstream 3rd-party service and that the people in charge know how to update it in an emergency.

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