I finally cracked and bought a smart watch -- the Pebble, to be specific. I acknowledge right from the outset that this is a frivolous expense. It's not necessary, and I'm likely to want to kick myself in six to nine months for having spent on it. But in the short run, it was a nice solution to a problem I've been having. I end up doing a fair amount of public speaking -- sometimes, a couple of times a month. For years, I've gone without a wristwatch because it just didn't make sense to wear one in addition to carrying a phone. But I've found myself flying blind on time during some recent talks because phones aren't really designed for secondary use as presentation timers. So...having fallen for the decision to get a watch in the first place, I buckled a little more and went for the smartwatch.


Give these things another 18 to 36 months, and they're going to cost $40. At that point, they'll be essential. Because they connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone, they can tell you when you have incoming text messages and e-mails, and allow you to read the first sentence or so without having to fish the phone out of your pocket. And there's a budding ecosystem of apps, too, so that the watches can do more than just tell time. In the not-so-distant future, we're all going to see them as a good way of politely staying in touch with the info we're used to getting from our phones now, but without constantly breaking eye contact with the people physically around us (like so many people tend to do with their phones today). But for most people, the current price tag is just too high to make these a reasonable purchase. Give it a little longer and the price will fall to a point where we'll see these go mainstream.


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