2014 Tractor Ride dates are Sunday, June 22 though Wednesday, June 25. The Announcement Party will be held on Friday, January 24 at the Iowa Machine Shed in Des Moines during the Big Show.

With the leaves falling and harvest progressing, the next big thing that comes to our minds the big Announcement Party for the 2014 Great Iowa Tractor Ride, which is happening on Friday, January 24, 2014. We do want to keep you updated on changes and also ask you for your opinions.

We will only be accepting applications for 400 tractors in 2014 because the reality is smaller is better; we've gotten too big in recent years. The more tractors, the fewer communities we find that can accommodate us. It's also difficult to spread our time fairly among larger groups. The result of limiting the ride to 400 tractors means some people, even returning drivers, may be placed on a waiting list.

We will divide the tractors into 8 speed groups of 50 tractors each and adherence to those speeds is mandatory. So if your tractor has a top speed of only 10 MPH you may want to bring a different tractor as you may be asked to go 11 or 12 MPH in the slowest group.

Location tease: the 2014 ride will be in a very warm and welcoming community and there are plenty of motels and camping accommodations.

We are considering a Sunday late afternoon parade for the community with a drivers' meeting and dinner at the end of the parade route! It may mean many of you would need to leave a little early to get there by mid afternoon, but I think it will be a fun addition, although certainly not mandatory!

We're also launching an all-new NAPA "Know How to fix it" area, featuring a crew of professional mechanics ready to help you with all your tractor needs and repairs who are joining us as drivers this year. They will be set up ready to help you with repairs on Saturday if you want to come early for that special repair you have not had time to do or don't know how to do. They will also be set up each evening to help get you on the road the next day. I will get you more information on all the details as we get closer. You will have to pay for parts and all parts will come from the local NAPA store.

Just a few teasers for 2014, but wanted to get the word out about the dates and the number of tractors. We will be in touch in 2014.

Have a safe fall and a blessed holiday season!