Here are two quilts -- a red and a blue theme -- that will be raffled off during the ride. Fine them at registration and lunchtime.

Hey folks, we’re just days away! The weather looks warm and there’s a little talk of r… Well, we won't even spell out the word. Besides, the weather can’t stop the excitement of the 17th year of WHO Radio’s Great Iowa Tractor Ride!

We have a lot planned! Yes, Monday will be a long day, but we do have two breaks in the morning and two breaks in the afternoon, so pace yourself on all those great treats that the folks have been preparing for you!

A wonderful lunch will be provided by the Plymouth County Extension and Pork Producers and will be waiting for you in Le Mars. Please take a moment to examine the green and red themed quilts they’re putting up for raffle. Tickets will be available in the registration line and again at lunch. Don’t worry, I’ve already won both!

Supper time
Monday and Tuesday evening meals featuring a big favorite, Famous Dave’s BBQ! The Drivers will get 10% off carry-out orders, so be sure to stop by and pick up some great barbecue and gather all your friends together for a reunion party!

Breakfast under the “tent”
Each morning the local youth teams will be serving us coffee, juice and goodies at the “tent” and will serve between 6 and 9 o’clock. Grab your coffee and listen to Jamey Kohake each morning discuss the markets; feel free to ask questions and get to know him. Also, Bob Quinn will be doing his Morning Ag Show from the "tent” as well; stop by and heckle as you please!

Unloading dock
Lewis & Clark Park, the Explorer’s stadium, is where the unloading dock will be. Unload your semi and park in the city lot just blocks away; staff will be on hand with directions.

Fuel by FS
Ethanol, soy biodiesel and propane will be available Sunday afternoon and each evening.

Rest up, folks, because it looks like a great ride this year; 52 new drivers will be aboard looking for advice from all you veteran drivers! Please call (514-245-8933) with questions. We’re looking forward to Sunday. Safe travels to you all!