A cast of 100 young people from 20 different nations are coming to Iowa with "Up With People"!  This morning Lorna Murphy Durran of Ireland, Elena Dacomba of Mexico and Yuxuan Shen of China joined us in the studio just after the 8:30 news.  Up With People will be performing at Hoyt Sherman Place in Des Moines on March 1st at 2PM and 7PM.  Tickets are available at the Hoyt Sherman Place Box Office or by calling 515-244-0507.  More information can be found at www.upwithpeople.org/DesMoines.  They are still looking for a place to stay for four young people...if you would be willing to be a "host family", please call Elana at 720-391-7019. 

For those of you that have been texting me because you missed the ongoing saga of Mark's cell phone....Mark did not back up his phone (as Jenna told him yesterday that he would need to do), so now he has to go back to the Genius Bar on Friday!  Still no working phone!!!!  Mark is just about at the end of hiis rope!

Check out these photos of Niagara Falls 2014 partially frozen!

We'll have more Science Center tickets courtesy of the Iowa Engineering Society to give away tomorrow as well as another 2 dozen Dunkin' Donuts and tickets to the Deer Classic!

Be sure to make your grocery store run today in preparation for the "blizzard" we're expecting tomorrow afternoon!

Enjoy our last day of spring for awhile!