We started the show off this morning with a bang!  The second we turned on the microphones at 4:59AM, the power went out.  It was just a few moments before the back-up generator came on and we had a few lights and we could broadcast.  With no air conditioning, it became warm in the studio quite quickly....not thinking, I plugged in the fan...and then thought, "that's not going to work"!  The power came back on a couple of hours later....makes for a fun morning!

We don't know what's bugging Andy today because we made him stay positive this morning....no complaining!  Andy Fales of KXNO Radio and TV-13 joined me in the studio this morning as my Van fill-in.  For those of you that didn't know, Andy is dad to a 3 year-old and an 8 month-old and they are the light of his life!  Andy is not looking forward to the dating years with his daughter!  He loves cooking,  fishing, canoeing and the great outdoors.  Andy has a new show starting on TV-13 on September 8th at 4PM.  Sonya Heitshusan will be his co-host and Ed Wilson will join them with weather.  He says it will be a full hour of news with more in-depth stories and a lot of opportunity for facebook and twitter interaction.  Catch Murph and Andy on 1460 KXNO from 2-4PM each day.

Tomorrow on Van and Bonnie, John Busbee, a creative projects developer, will be joining me as a Van fill-in.  John is on the Terrace Hill Foundation board, works in the film industry and has launched several non-profit ventures.  I believe John is bringing along a family tour of Terrace Hill to give away as well as some commemorative brass Terrace Hill coins minted when restoration efforts first started in the 1970's.  He'll possibly have a couple of books to give away as well.  Tune in to win!

Stay dry!