Daphne Haselhuhn of the American Diabetes Association joined us in the studio this morning just after the 8:30 news in honor of National Diabetes Alert Day.  If you have a family history of diabetes, are overweight or sedentary...you should check out their website www.Diabetes.org/RiskTest to find out if you could be at risk for Type II Diabetes.  Type II Diabetes is reversible with diet and exercise.  Type I, however, is not.  Type I Diabetes occurs when the pancreas no longer secretes insulin.  Volunteers are always needed...find out how you can help on their website as well.  They have several events coming up this summer in which you may wish to be involved...details also on their website.

One more chance to win Eagles tickets from Van & Bonnie tomorrow morning!  You can also sign up on-line at www.whoradio.com.  We will be giving the online tickets away on Friday morning, so you'll need to be signed up by Thursday evening.

For those of you who are considering Hormone Replacement Therapy, I would like to suggest a book "Natural Hormone Replacement" by Jonathan V. Wright, M.D.  It's available on Amazon.com under the Natural Medicine category.  Making the decision on hormone replacement can be confusing especially with the reports of breast cancer issues.  This book points out the differences between hormone replacement with synthetic pills (what most doctors prescribe, uses horse estrogen) and natural (bio-dentical, exactly what your body used to make) hormone replacement.  There is a huge difference and you need to know the facts before you make your decision.  If you've been thinking about not doing any hormone replacement at all...you may want to read this book and re-think your decision.

Have a wonderful day!