Thank you to my special guest hosts this morning, Jeff Lambertti and Becky Beach!  Jeff and Becky are involved with the Puppy Jack Foundation that trains service dogs for service people returning from service with PTSD, mobility issues, etc.  They are also responsible for the fundraising efforts to restore the USS Iowa.  Jeff is the majority owner of The Iowa Barnstormers and is also on the board of the Iowa Racing & Gaming Commission. 

Jeff assured us that there will be a quality indoor football team on the field next year in Wells Fargo Arena!  They will either be staying in the Arena Football League, which Jeff says has some economic issues....or they will be moving to one of the indoor football leagues which have numerous teams in the Midwest.  Coaches are lining up to be the new coach of the Iowa Barnstormers and don't care which way the team goes.  Jeff hinted that Aaron Garcia's name could possibly be in the's hoping!!!!  While the indoor football league does not play with the nets, they play with pretty much the same rules as regular football only indoors.  There have been numerous players from the indoor football league going on to play with the NFL.  The decision on the coach as well as which way the team will go next year (Arena Football or one of the indoor football leagues) will be made in the next week.  We'll have the news for you first here on Newsradio 1040 WHO!

If you are interested in being a puppy trainer or if you know of a service person in need of a service dog, you can contact Becky Beach at  If you wish to donate to the cause, you can send your donation to Puppy Jake Foundation, P.O. Box 12115, Des Moines, IA  50312.

If you wish to donate to the USS Iowa, go to or mail donations to USS Iowa, P.O. Box 12115, Des Moines, IA  50312.

Tomorrow, Brian Gongol of The Wise Guys and The Brian Gongol Show will be my co-host.  We'll have some Knoxville Raceway tickets to give away too.

Have a great day!