I was honored to have one of our really good listeners, Kyle Barton, join me in the studio this morning as a Van fill-in!  Kyle works for Dupont Pioneer, but loves to travel the state of Iowa.  He has visited over 800 small towns in Iowa and his goal is to visit every one of them (approximately 960)!  Kyle's mission is to talk with people all over the state as well as find all those out-of-the-way vacation spots.  Some of his favorites here in Iowa are McGregor, Villages of Van Buren, Burlington, Dubuque and many more...too many to mention. 

Kyle is also into entering contests of all kinds....especially State Fair contests.  He won the chili contest at the Missouri State Fair, which gets him an entry into the "World Chili Championship" contest in Palm Springs, California!   Kyle's chili was voted in the top 3 in the United States by the Today Show.  Of course, chili is only one of many food contests Kyle enters each year.  He is also a champion hog caller at the Iowa State Fair, Nebraska State Fair and the Illinois State Fair!  That gave him opportunities to be on Steve Harvey, Fox Morning Show, Bill O'Riley Show and the Today Show!

Kyle didn't mention it this morning, but the money he wins from competing, goes to charity.  He does however, love the ribbons and the trophies!

A couple of things we didn't get to this morning were that Kyle's grandfather was a writer for The Des Moines Register and he roomed with Ronald Reagan when he was a sportscaster for WHO Radio!  They shared sports stories.  Also, Trisha Barton with Valley West Mall is Kyle's sister-in-law!  Who knew?!

Van is back tomorrow and we'll be broadcasting live from the Habitat For Humanity Build at 1817 Logan Street.  Jan Mickelson will also be broadcasting live, as well as Simon Conway.  You can still sign up to help build by going to www.whoradio.com and clicking on the "Habitat For Humanity Build" on the right-hand side of the home page.  Thank you in advance for helping!

Have a great day!