Thank you to Craig Ruegsegger of Wood Magazine for filling in for Van this morning.  Craig used to work for WHO Radio as a Production Manager.  Craig had the opportunity to go thru the WHO Radio archives and piece together some of WHO Radio's historic broadcasts and made several promos from them.  He shared one this morning that featured Jack Shelly, H. R. Gross, President Regan and more.  He also played the promo he put together when WHO Radio did a local production of "War of the Worlds" with martians invading Adel and marching on Des Moines.  We also played an old promo for the Jan Mickelson show which was sung to the Mickey Mouse tune, spelling out his last name!  Craig is also on the board of directors for "Tools for Opportunity", an organization that supplys tools for carpenters in Honduras and other Central American countries so they can help their communities.  For more information on how you can help, go to   They will be making another trip to Honduras in March of 2015.

I just got back from presenting the keys to the Habitat For Humanity home that you WHO Radio listeners helped build this summer, to Beatrice and her three boys.  How awesome to help make someone's dream a reality!  Beatrice is so excited and she has worked so hard to make this happen.  Congratulations!  (Also congratulations to the Hy-Vee Store Directors...I checked the siding they all worked to put on that morning and it's all still there...and...straight!  And, the roof is leaks!)  They were all present this morning as well for the dedication of the home.

Monday morning, my Van fill-in will be Ed Vos, comedian and Director of Veterans Affairs Commission for Dallas County.  Tune in for a morning of fun!

Have a great weekend!