Just after the 8:30 news this morning, Van & Bonnie had breaking news concerning the Iowa State Fair!  Arlette Hollister, Food Superintendent of the Iowa State Fair, and Steve Boers of the Iowa Primate Learning Center joined us in the studio.  There will be a new food contest this year called Kanzi's Favorite Dessert.  Kanzi is the world's undisputed ape-language superstar and was the first of his species to acquire language as children do...by being exposed to it.  Kanzi is the most intelligent primate in the world and he knows 450 lexigram symbols and 1000 human words.  Kanzi lives here in Des Moines at the Iowa Primate Learning Sanctuary.  This dessert contest will be using Kanzi's favorite ingredients.  Kanzi will be involved in the judging via Skype at the Denny Elwell Food Center.  We will have more information once all the t's are crossed and the i's dotted.  To enter this or any other food judging event, you need to enter online by July 1st at www.iowastatefair.org.  To learn how you can get a tour or get more information on the Iowa Primate Learning Sanctuary, go to www.IowaPrimateLearning.org.  Other judges involved with Kanzi's Favorite Dessert will be Angela Connelly, Betty Riddout, Greg Edwards, Jay Byers, Jerry Sullivan and Ruth Randleman.

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