When Bonnie is gone I get the chance to ask whomever I want to be my DB (designated Bonnie).  I figured why not go all out and ask a big name that probably would never do it.  So I called Washington DC and the office of United States Senator Charles Grassley. As expected, I spoke with a phone answerer on his staff and they passed me along to the Senator’s scheduler.  I gave him my request.  He said, “You want the Senator for how long?” I told him 4 hours. And the he asked, “And you want him there at what time of day?” I told him 4:59 am.  He laughed and said he doubted that would work.  I said, “Please, just ask him.”  Fifteen minutes later he called me back and said, “I can’t believe this but that was the fastest “Yes,” I’ve ever hear him give.”  So, I am eternally grateful that a sitting United States Senator would take four hours of his valuable time, starting at 4:59 in the morning, to have fun with us all, and yes, answer some serious questions as well!