Craig Huseboe and Keith Lowe of The Iowa Antique Radio Club and Historical Society joined us in the studio this morning to award WHO a special plaque and proclamation from Governor Branstad designating WHO Radio an Iowa Pioneer Radio Broadcast Station!  Craig and Keith are antique radio collectors and both have extensive collections.  Their group has quarterly meetings and repair sessions.  If you are interested in their group, go to   A huge "Thank-You" for the wonderful award! Listen to the full award presentation, as heard on Van and Bonnie this morning, below! 

Bill Thomas of the Washington Post Magazine joined us by phone this morning from the Washington D.C. airport.  Bill came to Des Moines to do an article on the Iowa caucuses, but it soon turned into an article about Iowa, Des Moines and WHO Radio! Bill could not believe the kindness and generosity of Iowa people! You can check out his great article at  Amazingly, he happened to be sitting next to a cousin of mine...Mark Recker of Pella! It was nice to talk with Mark for just a bit as well!

Jennifer Ewing of the Iowa Genealogical Society joined us this morning just after the 7:30 news to talk about their new workshop..."Unlocking The Code" coming up on April 9th.  It's all about your DNA and how to use it to find relatives.  For more information, go to or call 515-276-0287.  The workshop will be at their location at 628 E. Grand Avenue.

Dr. Patricia Tice joined us by phone this morning just after the 5:30 news.  Her topic was her new book "Agri Manners: Essential Etiquette for Professional Success".  We thought it appropriate to have her on while Bob Quinn was still in the studio with us.  The forward to the book was written by Chris Soules (of the Bachelor & Dancing With The Stars).  

I hope you had a chance at 8:10 this morning to hear "Stump The Staff" with Simon Conway.  We asked Simon questions he had to answer about 15 years ago when he became a citizen of the United States.  He still had all the answers.  Scott, our producer, however, only got 5 out of the 7 correct!

Tomorrow on Van and Bonnie, our political analyst, Joe Gomez, will join us about 6:50AM, Katie Nola of the Iowa Egg Council will be with us after the 8:30 news and Marty Rogers, the Iowa Real Estate Agent who sold Oprah Winfrey the 28 million dollar property, will be joining us as well.

Enjoy the weather warm-up because it's going away on Wednesday afternoon into Thursday!

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