Kevin Johnson and his seeing-eye dog, therapy dog and search and rescue dog, "Reeses" have been helping people all over the United States including the tornado-ravaged Oklahoma, Joplin, Missouri, Henryville, Indiana and Washington, DC, just to mention a few.  Kevin and Reeses were named YMCA's Volunteer of the Year and they have been inducted into the Van & Bonnie Iowa Hall of Heroes as well. 

Now Kevin and Reeses need your help!  Reeses swallowed a fish hook and got it stuck in her throat.  She had to have emergency surgery and stay the night in the hospital.  Her medical bills were nearly $3,000.00.  The St. John's Knights of Columbus and Alter and Rosary of Norwalk are hosting a benefit BBQ dinner and bake sale on Saturday, July 26th, from 5-7PM at St. John's Catholic Church in Norwalk.  It will be a free-will donation.  If you are unable to go to the fundraiser, but would like to donate, there is a non-profit account set up at Community Choice Credit Union under the name "Reeses Therapy".  For more information, contact Staci at 515-314-3686.  Thank you in advance for your help!