I hope you all made it to where you were going this morning okay.  First we had freezing drizzle, which turned to freezing rain, which turned to heavy sonw!  And then they tell us this afternoon it's going to be 41 and dry!  Hard to believe right now!  Please be sure to keep an eye on the school closings list at www.whoradio.com because a lot of schools that were delayed have decided to close. 

John Mozena and Becky Ford of the Iowa Engineering Society joined us in the studio this morning for National Engineering Week.  Each day this week, Van and I will be asking two engineering questions.  If you're the correct caller and you get the answer correct, you'll win a 4-pack of tickets to the Science Center of Iowa courtesy of the Iowa Engineering Society.

We also have Dunkin Donuts to give away all this week, so listen to win!

Congratulations to all of you whoo are "Presidents" of an organization on this President's Day.  Van and I had fun soluting so many of you this morning!

Drive carefully today!