A huge "thank-you" to Jack Barnhart for opening up his home, gardens, tiki house and tree house to all our Van & Bonnie listeners this morning!  Those that attended were "wowed" by everything Jack has done, including a lot of his neighbors from down the street that had no idea all of that was behind his home!  We took some pictures, although they do it no justice, for you to see.  There is also a video that I hope gets on this page sometime today.  Jack built it all on his own, no blueprint, just the vision in his head!  He used block and tackle to get most of the wood up in the tree....boards as big as 30' 3x12's!  All this 40 ft. up in a 100 year-old tree.  When standing on the roof-top patio, you're 50 ft in the air...in the tree top!  Very awesome!  His  yard is filled with 4,000 to 5,000 hostas!

Do you like antiques....there's a new place in town with over 100 antique dealers and I'll be broadcasting from there live on Saturday, June 21st, from 11AM-2PM for their Grand Opening...it's called The Picker Knows Antiques!  Tune in Monday for more information.

Again, thanks so much to Jack!

Have a great weekend...Go Barnstormers!