Everything's hopping at the Iowa State Fair with the gorgeous weather!  The t-shirts you see are fun to read.  We set out a bunch of cinnamon rolls this morning (each roll cut in half) and everyone was taking a half of a cinnamon roll until we got down to the last roll.  Then everyone was just taking a little piece off the roll.  It only took about 20 minutes to give away the whole tray up to that point...and it took probably an hour to give away the last roll!  People just do not want to take the last roll or the last bite!  Jim Boyd, our News Director, took a photo and posted it on our facebook page....take a look! 

We've been well-fed during the Fair....Hoppes lemonade, the mini-cinnamon rolls (over by the Little Hands On The Farm), the big cinnamon rolls from Pigs & Chicks (right on Grand Avenue), the breakfast quesadillas from Quesadilla Junction (right to the west of the Jacobsen Horse Pavillion), tenderloins from Chuckle's (right beside Quesadilla Junction), biscuits & gravy over chicken fried steak from The Cattlemen's Beef Quarters, pineapple upside down funnel cakes and red velvet funnel cakes (on the triangle), and ohhh so much more! 

Today we met a couple that just got married two days ago....imagine honeymooning at the Iowa State Fair!    Congratulations to Tim and Ashley Maurer!

Joyce Hoppes of the Iowa Pork Producers told us that they have already gone thru 25,000 pork chops on a stick and the fair has just started!  They are the number one item sold at the Iowa State Fair! 

Well, it's back to the Fair!  Enjoy the beautiful weather!