Matthew Bourne the choreographer of Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty was in the studio just after the 8:00 news this morning.  Matthew has changed the story (just a little) and has choreographed a stunning program.  It's showing at the Civic Center this Friday and Saturday only.  Get your tickets today!

Bob Hopper of the Boy Scouts joined us in the studio this morning just after the 8:30 news.  There are some great new popcorn flavors being sold during the huge Boy Scout Popcorn Fundraising Drive!  New flavors include the Dark & White Chocolatey Drizzle, Sour Cream and Onion and Bacon Ranch!  I can vouch for the DarK & White Chocolatey's sinful!  If a Boy Scout doesn't contact you, you can always contact Bob at 515-266-2135 or online at

Coming soon, the "witch" will be out and about during our morning show.  Be the first to spot her and you'll win tickets to see "Wicked" coming to the Civic Center of Greater Des Moines!

Also coming soon, your chance to have your home decorated both inside and out for the Holidays!  More deetails coming soon!

Sorry there was no blog yesterday, but for some reason I was so dizzy yesterday I could hardly stay on my chair to do the show.  I'm doing a little better long as I don't make any sudden movement changes or try to take the stairs!  Hopefully I'll be fit as a fiddle by tomorrow!

Have a wonderful day!