Kelly Foss of the Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market was our special guest just after 8:30 this morning, and she brought along a guest....Charlie Brendeland of Breakfast Guys & Gals from the Farmers Market.  Charlie is there every Saturday at the north end of 3rd Street.  Charlie makes breakfast sandwiches made from your choice of bacon, ham or sausage, with eggs (plain or veggied up) and your choice of cheese on a grilled english muffin.  They are made fresh to order.  That's just a sample of the over 200 vendors you'll find downtown every Saturday from 7AM - Noon.  Kelly says sweetcorn is the big draw right now, but of course there are all sorts of fresh foods available.  Other than food, you'll find art, paintings, yard art, wool spinning, bakeries, etc.

Just a reminder....the travel shows for the Panama Canal Cruise coming up January 13th thru the 25th, is next Tuesday, July 22nd, at 2PM and 7PM at the Comfort Suites Hotel.  For more information, call Holiday Vacations at 1-800-826-2266.

Be sure to join us Friday morning from 5-9AM at Valley West Mall (west entrance) for 6 year-old Emily Humeston's Lemonade Stand!  Get your AE Icy Cold To Go Lemonade for a donation to Emily's education fund!

Enjoy this fabulous July weather!