Angie Hettinger of Prairie Rivers of Iowa joined us in the studio just after the 8:30 news to talk about the Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway.  For those of you not familiar with it, it is Hwy. 30 and goes across the state of Iowa from Clinton to Council Bluffs.  It actually runs all the way from New York to San Francisco!  The byway connects some of Iowa's most popular natural areas and parks, bike and water trails, wineries and breweries and much, much more.  For more information, go to  You can find out more about the one day motor tour and Lincoln Highway Days at

Van talked about unsatisfactory shoe laces and one of our listeners, Mark Mills, sent us a webpage all about tying shoe laces, buying the correct size of shoe laces for your shoes and much, much more!  Check it out, especially if you have little kids whose laces keep coming untied!  Mark highly recommends "Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot"....he uses it in his running shoes so they don't come untied.

Tomorrow on Van & Bonnie....a special offer from New Leaf sure to be listening!  Also, more Patsy Cline tickets from Winterset Stage.

Stay dry!!!!!