The Power Ball jackpot for tomorrow night's drawing is estimated to be $216 million!  We had fun on the air this morning taking calls from listeners and asking what they would doo with the money if they won....and then awarded them 10 Power Ball plays each for their chance to win the $216 million! 

Maestro Joseph Guinta was our special guest this morning just after the 8:30 news.  This weekend's performance is "Beyond The Score: Tchaikovsky 4" on Saturday night at 7:30 and Sunday afternoon at 2:30.  For tickets, go to

Be sure to be tuned in next week for your chance to win tickets to "Arrival: The Music of ABBA".   We'll start with 5th row tickets on Monday, 4th row on Tuesday, 3rd row on Wednesday, 2nd row on Thursday and 1st row on Friday along with a meet and greet with the cast!  Van will once again be rudely chopping off music...this time of ABBA, and you'll have to finish the line.

Have a wonderful weekend!