Jeriann says it's supposed to get up to 90 degrees today!  I know for some of you, that's miserable weather...for me and a lot of others, we've just been waiting for it.  Time for the water rides at Adventureland and sprinklers in the yard...little kids pools...or get your own pool from Water World!  Finally you can leave home without a jacket!

There was a little mix-up on our Tuesday "Van & Bonnie Eat Other People's Meals", so we're going to have a "Barbeque Wednesday" tomorrow just after 7:30 with the Iowa BBQ Society.  Tune in to find out how to make great BBQ from thee experts!

We'll have more Cosby tickets, Heroes & Saints Concert tickets, a Tone's Spices gift basket and one last Des Moines Convention & Visitors Bureau package to give away tomorrow.  Tune in to win!

Have a wonderful day!