Grass Fire along I-29.  Photo by Sioux City Fire and Rescue

The first day of Spring brought warm, breezy weather to Iowa - and grass fires followed.

Grass fires flared up along interstate highways near Cedar Rapids in eastern Iowa, and Sioux City in the northwest Monday afternoon.

"Part of the reason we're seeing the grass fires now is some of the dry vegetation that has developed."  National Weather Service Senior Hydrologist Jeff Zogg tells WHO Radio News.  

"It's a result of the dry conditions we've had lately - the warm temperatures and breezy conditions.  Of course the wind helps those fires spread."  

Zogg says the Des Moines area also has those same conditions, making grassfires a possibility, here, too.

"Pretty much any part of the state that you don't have snow cover or wet conditions is at risk of some grass fires, especially on days when it's warm and windy."  He says.