Valentine's Day was plenty busy for Des Moines florists, but it got off to a rough start for one shop.

The owner of Boesen the Florist on Beaver Avenue said someone broke into the shop on Tuesday. The burglar apparently kicked their way into the shop's office.

The owner said he returned to the shop around midnight to grab an envelope he had forgotten. He found that envelope was torn up and he noticed other things were out of place. He thinks the suspect managed to kick open the locked office door. He said cash was missing from the shop.

Des Moines Police think the burglar managed to sneak through a vent into the shop's greenhouse. The shop's owner suspected the burglar could be a former or current employee since they knew where to look for the cash.

The same shop was broken into last week, according to the police report. No specific suspects were identified. Crime scene investigators were called to collect evidence.