Did You Know Remote Starters Are Illegal In Iowa?

posted by Jeff Angelo -

Here's an interesting factoid within this story regarding seven cars that have been stolen since January 1 after the drivers left them running (to warm up in the extreme cold) and unlocked:

It’s actually against the law in Iowa to leave your car running while unattended, even using a remote starter would be illegal, but tickets for the offense are rarely issued.

Did YOU know that?  I didn't know that.  Just this morning, *I* started my car then used the fob to lock it before leaving for work (it was -13 at the time).  LITTLE DID I KNOW that I was engaged in criminal behavior -  just like the thieves taking the cars.

I am sure law enforcement has their reasons -  but starting your car and letting it warm up has been a time-honored tradition since BEFORE the remote start.  What if YOU got a ticket for warming your car up?  Would you challenge it?  Would you show up and court and - Braveheart-style -  yell, "FREEEEDOM!!!"