Reverse Ghost Hunt Held at Indian Railway Station

In something of an odd story out of India, a team of skeptics spent the  night at a notoriously haunted railway station in an attempt to prove  that there were no spirits lurking there.

The proverbial reverse ghost hunt took place at a site, known as the  Begunkodor station, which boasts a rather remarkable reputation as a  haunted location.

Its tale dates back to 1967 when legend has it that the stationmaster  dropped dead following an encounter with the ghost of a woman in white.

Incredibly, patrons promptly stopped going to the station and it was  abandoned for a whopping 42 years, leading to the site actually being  designated as 'haunted' by the India's national railway service.

Although it eventually reopened in 2009, the stories of the station  being the home to spirits continued to haunt local residents who refused  to use the service after 5 PM lest they wind up with their own ghostly  encounter.

And that is where a group of 'rationalists' entered the picture this  past weekend when they decided to have their own ghost hunt, of sorts,  at the station.

Find out what the group did and didn't find during their investigation at the Coast to Coast AM website.