Continuing the RFS support

posted by Andy Petersen -

Roughly 150 biofuel plant managers are urging President Donald Trump to pursue the path that's a win for agriculture, the biofuels industry, and blue-collar workers, regarding the Renewable Fuel Standard and RIN prices. Growth Energy joined the managers in the letter that calls for Reid Vapor Pressure relief for E15 fuels and asking the administration to reject Ted Cruz's proposals that they say "pick winners and losers." Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor says the Cruz campaign against RINs "is based on fairytales designed to justify handouts for the same folks who raided corporate funds at the expense of local workers in Philadelphia," referring to the failed refinery in Pennsylvania that claimed RIN prices led to its bankruptcy. The letter to Trump explains that allowing year-round E15 sales would "support growth on all sides, generate a new supply of RINs, and ease pressure on refiners." But the letter states the proposal "holds no value" if it becomes tied to RIN caps that eliminate market access for biofuels.